What are you doing to close the gap?

What are you doing to close the gap?

Where does the #financialservicesindustry stand when it comes to #genderdiversity? Men still make up most of the management ranks, while women – despite accounting for over half of entry level positions – represent fewer than 1 in 5 positions in the C-Suite, McKinsey researchers advise. Why?

It’s not because women are leaving to have children. It’s not because women are not asking for promotions – they are; they’re not getting them. The research backs my observations: many women do not aspire to top positions and those that do are not given the support to rise.

Committed to improving gender diversity? Do this:
➤ Ask women why they don’t aspire to rise. This can uncover the systemic barriers women face in your firm. Listen and act.
➤ Ask #femalerolemodels to share stories of their obstacles and how they overcame them. If there are no #femaleleaders in one part of the business, ask those in other parts to speak out. #Seeitbeit”” works.
➤ Ensure every woman at EVERY level has a #sponsor. Men: sponsor women even if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Women: don’t use the ‘like me’ bias when selecting mentors and sponsors.
➤ Encourage women to #takerisks in their careers. This provides greater exposure to different experiences and skills.

What are you doing to #closethegap?


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