Leadership Coaching

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is essential for leadership success. EI is more than one capability – it’s a collection of competencies including self-awareness, interpersonal savvy, self-regulation and sound decision making. Our coaches can work with you to develop these essential competencies, which form the basis of effective leadership wherever you are in the world.
Career Catalyst Group leadership coaching to harness your skills, perform at your best, inspire your teams.

The role of a leader is ever evolving. We understand: our coaches have held senior and global leadership roles within the financial services industry and have coached multiple leaders since. As external coaches, they possess a deep knowledge of the corporate culture, political landscapes and complex challenges you face – something our clients genuinely value and benefit from.


We can help you become the catalyst for change in your organisation. Our bespoke leadership coaching programmes are designed to support you through transitions and enable you to future-proof your career. You’ll discover how to harness your skills, consistently perform at your best, and  inspire your teams to strive for excellence too.

Our approach

Six-session process


We lay the foundations for your coaching journey and set your goal.


We create your personalized plan and set initial actions.

3 & 4

We review your plan, look at what’s holding you back and what can move you forward, and agree actions.


We review your progress, agree more actions, and discuss ways to make long-term, sustainable change.


We’ll review your goals, journey and learnings on your path to a more successful career.

Tools and techniques

We work with evidence-based assessment tools to help clients understand themselves, define their goals, identify and overcome their obstacles. These include:

  • Review of your appraisal and feedback. We’ll create actions that work for you and your specific career goals.
  • Review of your results in diagnostic tools completed by your employer. Tools include:
    • MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) psychometric tool provides insight into what makes you you. You’ll learn about your personality type, strengths and preferences.
    • FIRO-B (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behaviour) instrument helps you to understand your and others behaviour and, as a result, improve workplace interactions.
    • EQ-I 2.0. This tool measures your emotional intelligence and draws on your new-found understanding to strengthen your empathy, decision making, impulse control and self-awareness. We’ll assess your EI at the start and end of your coaching programme and measure the increase. 
    • PACE Palette tool helps you to understand and strengthen your leadership communication style, and reduce conflicts. This fun, non-threatening tool is proven to have a significant impact on leadership team relationships.

Emotional intelligence coaching for financial services professionals in Hong Kong and Asia.