Executive Coaching & Training: With over 45 years of leadership in financial services globally, we coach executives to excel as leaders and train corporates to develop and retain their most talented employees. 

Are you ready to move onto the next stage in your career?

Are you:

  • Ready to move into the next role but need some support outside of your workplace
  • Frustrated in your current role and want to get more satisfaction from work, and a higher salary
  • Not being recognised for your skills and strengths
  • Feeling that you have reached a plateau in your career
  • Not clear on your future career path

Do you want to:

  • Refocus on your skills and talents and the value you bring
  • Build better relationships with your managers and colleagues
  • Improve your satisfaction in your current role while positioning yourself to move onto the next stage
  • Get a new role which fits better with your skills and aspirations
  • Grow as a leader in your field both internally and externally

We can help you:

  • Focus on your specific strengths and ambitions
  • Overcome the issues you are currently facing
  • Uncover the power to transform your career

Your Next Step:

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Executive Coaching to Excel as a Leader
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In this session, we will:

1) Clarify your vision for what you really want in your career

2) Determine what is the biggest thing holding you back right now

3) Identify key steps to get back on track and start loving your job!

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Shirley Adrain, Founder and CEO

We provide executive coaching and training for busy executives to overcome workplace challenges so they can confidently excel in their careers.

Having worked for over 20 years in many different global organisations, each with different cultures and organizational values, Shirley appreciates the complex and often political environment in which her clients operate.

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