How a sense of purpose benefits health, productivity and longevity

How a sense of purpose benefits health, productivity and longevity

In recent months, I’ve been prompted by a personal crisis to contemplate my life and work purpose; I’m grateful to have clarity on what guides me. I’m not alone: the global crisis has forced many to reassess their jobs and values, and realise they don’t want to go back to how things were.

“…returning to the regular commute, continuing in the same monotonous position or sacrificing one’s values and beliefs for the sake of money, are all common reasons for looking for new opportunities, or even a career change,” a contributor in the article said.

McKinsey notes people with a strong sense of purpose tend to be more resilient and able to recover from negative events. Professionals leading a purpose driven life report levels of wellbeing at work that are 5x times higher than those who don’t; they’re 4x more likely to report high engagement levels too.

In times of crisis, my purpose is a guidepost that helps me better face and navigate uncertainty, and mitigate the effects of long-term stress. Focussing on life’s plusses and making the most of them is proven to benefit health, performance, and even longevity.

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