Success Stories

I contacted Career Catalyst Group as I was concerned about transitioning back into the workplace after a 5 year absence. I really wanted to build a good relationship with my manager and key stakeholders and grow a pan-Asia business. Shirley helped me execute a plan to address these issues and also supported me in dealing with a challenging boss and getting more autonomy at work. She also helped me find the courage…



to leave that role and move into a much more suitable one. I recommend Career Catalyst Group to anyone who has major challenges at work.

M. Robinson,

High Net Worth Specialist

Shirley will facilitate your journey with ease and skill. I would describe her style as collaborative, fun, adventurous. Shirley was excellent at spotting the heart of what I was thinking about, and readily agreed to go with my thought that Clean Coaching, could be a good way to go. In our Clean work in particular, I was reminded of the importance of accessing our own wisdom and not getting hung up on what we think we ‘ought’ to be doing…



I was also reminded of the immense creativity of our own minds, if we will only listen! Shirley helped me listen. I am more and more conscious of and confident in, my own capability and wisdom, and my trust that what I need will be there when I need it.

B. Bates

Shirley is very organised and comprehensive in the way she coached. She investigated what worked and did not work with me with past coaches, and she was mindful to follow-up with me on action items. She reviewed my wheel of life to identify topics for coaching before she started to coach. She used Clean Coaching which I found to be very powerful to facilitate change. She is relaxed, open-minded, non-judgemental, encouraging…



and has the best interest of her client at heart, supporting me to move forward positively with ease.




Since working with Shirley, I attracted a recruiter who referred his friend to me who was looking for a coach for his team of 7 people. I went out more to network for business, as well as personally. For self-care, I went for a comprehensive body check as I have not done it for 7 years, and put myself at ease. For leisure, I tried out a new dance class. With regard to my family, relationships improved from when I started working with Shirley. Shirley is a great coach.

S. Li