How We Can Help

Career Coaching

We firmly believe that focusing on our strengths and what makes us happy at work are the keys to a successful career. 

1) In our first session, we will get all your frustrations out of your head and onto the table so you can think more clearly and make better decisions. We will create a plan to resolve each of your issues, with timeframes that work for you. We can also collect feedback, or use your existing feedback and/or work or personality profiling tools.

2) In the following sessions, we will delve into more detail on what excites you most about your career and work, and make sure that your future plans align closely with this. We will use various techniques to help you understand and resolve issues that have been holding you back. Clients are often amazed at how quickly these techniques work. 

3) In addition to coaching, we will also review and work with you to update your resume and professional networking profiles and help you maximize your opportunities to be a leader in your field.

Changes will happen from the first session and usually only a few sessions are needed. We don’t believe in open-ended coaching relationships, as we will support you to develop your own tools to transform your career.

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Developing Leading Women Programme

This is a 3-month programme comprised of 3 half day sessions, spaced 4-6 weeks apart, with 30 minute individual coaching between sessions to ensure learning’s are applied and individual goals are met.

It has been designed based on latest thinking on how women rise in organisations and the support they need. Our trainer has extensive leadership experience in senior financial services roles and has attended many women’s leadership trainings over her career.

She has taken the elements of these which most resonated and positively impacted her career and condensed these into a short and effective leadership programme. Thee sessions are very interactive and involve group coaching in addition to the individual sessions.

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Workshop – How to Achieve a Gender Parity Mindset

Our gender diversity workshop, How to Achieve a Gender Parity Mindset, covering tips, examples and group discussions around our assumptions about women and ways to remove barriers to women’s progress.

It is designed for senior leaders to challenge and inspire them to lead the change in their organisation and help promote more women into senior leadership positions. This is especially relevant with the UK’s Gender Pay Gap reporting and the impact that has on global firms.

The course helps start a meaningful dialogue and encourages positive actions.

Feedback from attendees of a recent session in a large global bank includes:

“This should be rolled out companywide.”

“Great to take time to do the exercises and exchange ideas about how to solve our issues.”

“Great discussions at group level – lots of experience and interesting perspectives brought to the table.

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Workshop – 7 Ways to Take Charge of Your Career

Our career management workshop, How To Take Charge Of Your Career, helps women leaders understand the true value they can add and shows them take steps to own their development and take charge of their career.

It has been tailored for women in financial services and provides lots of local resources to help them navigate their careers in Hong Kong. Our workshop facilitators have extensive experience in senior financial services roles and bring lots of examples and learnings into the sessions.

Our current clients are global banks and international law firms.

“The workshop was excellent. Shirley was a great presenter and her stories provoked me to reflect. The delivery was easy to understand and the 7 ways are all immediately actionable. The sharing by the participants was useful. It was itself a networking event too. I am going to share the Personal Brand with my team, and the resources for keeping up with the skills.”

“The workshop is excellent and inspiring! It exceeds my expectations. Everything is good – the speaker is professional and open; her tips are useful; the venue is comfortable; the number of attendees and workshop duration are just right; attendees are willing to share. I enjoy the workshop very much and am looking forward to have more.”

“The course, via the coach and the interaction with other women peers, hello make a call to action.”

“This course triggered me to rethink what I want to do in my career and to take charge of my career growth.”

“Excellent presenter. I love the sharing from everyone and the tips are practical and easy to implement.”

“The only feedback I have is we need more of these sessions!”

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