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With 45+ years of leadership in financial services globally, we coach executives to excel as leaders and train corporates to develop and retain their most talented employees. 

Shirley Adrain, Founder

Having worked for over 20 years in many different global organisations, each with different cultures and organizational values, Shirley appreciates the complex and often political environment in which her clients operate. Her experience in global leadership roles (COO, Chief of Staff) for several Tier 1 Investment Banks, including JP Morgan and Citigroup, has helped her recognize the challenges faced by global leaders and constructively challenge and support them to develop.

During her time in Investment Banking, Shirley discovered that the “coaching approach” was the best way to create, especially in a cross-cultural context, an environment of collaboration, teamwork and common ground where people are empowered, accountable and engaged. She is a strong supporter of the development of women and is currently coaching women entrepreneurs across Asia in addition to financial executives and young leaders.

  • Accredited Executive Coach with the Association for Coaching, with over 350 hours coaching experience
  • Has lived and worked in London, New York, Singapore and now in Hong Kong
  • 20 years experience in Investment Banking in global leadership roles
  • Skills include coaching, organizational change, restructuring, leadership team development and managing diversity
  • Contributor to the critically acclaimed book, “Your Loss: How to Win Back your Female Talent”
  • NLP Business Practitioner

​Nerice Gietel, Executive Coach

Nerice is a Executive Coach with international HR experience.

By continuously gaining further qualifications and training since completing her first university degree more than a decade ago, Nerice has been able to transition careers a number of times. Based on this first-hand experience she recognises the importance of lifelong learning and champions the ability of others to reinvent themselves.

Her career to date includes being a Recruitment Specialist for a Global International Development Consultancy in Oxford (UK), being a Social Worker and leading the expansion of a Domestic and Sexual Violence Advice Service in London.

Nerice has a passion for writing and has had articles published in China Daily and Sassy Mama HK.
As a true believer in evidence-based practice, Nerice maintains close links with academia and uses academic research to inform her work.

Her personal experience of successfully leading diverse teams in challenging situations, and of advising senior leaders on the attraction and retention of talent, fuels her passion for supporting individuals to integrate life and work to allow them to be the best versions of themselves.

Nerice has an MSc (Interdisciplinary Social Science) from the University of Utrecht, an MSc (Human Resource Development and Consultancy) from Birkbeck College, the University of London and a Graduate Diploma in Law from BBP Law School London.

Janine Denning, Performance Coach

Having worked for 20 years in Human Resource roles in large global organisations, Janine has seen the challenges placed on Senior Leaders and the impact this pressure has on their health and work performance. Using the Coaching experience from HR roles, nutrition and fitness certifications and her personal health transformation, Janine has developed a practical approach to help clients identify and implement healthy habits.

By providing Leaders with nuggets of information at the right time, challenging them to identify barriers to change and implementing strategies to overcome obstacles, Leaders make sustained changes that help them to regain their health, energy and balance for high performance.

  • Human Resource Professional, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition L-1 Coach
  • Has lived and worked in Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Netherlands and now in Hong Kong
  • 20 years experience in Human Resources in regional and global roles in Financial Services, Professional Services, and Retail organisations
  • Skills include coaching, organisational change, talent management, and HR business partnering
  • Amateur Sportswoman in Ironman, Trail Running and Road Running events

Coaching and Coach Training

Career Catalyst Group coaches all have Investment Banking experience prior to training as coaches, so can really appreciate the complexities and pressures of finance professionals. In addition to coaching, we also offer “MultiDisciplinary Coach Training” which has been certified by the Association for Coaching.

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